Video Specialist

I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Telecommunications, as well as a minor in screenwriting. Since then I have been based in Chicago; and have had a chance to work as a Junior Editor for Fig Media Inc., as well as freelance for several other great media companies. 


Working as a Junior editor has given me insight into the full process of starting a project with only an idea, and then seeing it become fully realized into a finished product. It has made me fully capable of handling clients on my own and making sure that both their ideas and ours are being met. My time as an editor has made me very organized, as it is needed to create a great workflow, and I believe that it is essential during all stages of a video. I enjoy collaborating as a team, jumping in wherever needed, as well as working on my own. 


In addition to creating videos, I enjoy photography and good food. Wherever I go I can be seen holding both my camera and my notebook. The camera for taking pictures of the food I am about to eat, and the note book for writing down my experience with it. My goal is to one day create my own blog of all the restaurants i've visited and all the great food i've had. 


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